Palletta: fruit jelly for glazing and covering.
Glazing gel, a glossy, transparent protective layer for fruit, cakes and pastries. It protects the fruit and gives it a glossy appearance with a natural colour. The jellies support the taste of the fruit and give your pastry products a superb fresh look.

Paletta has the following functions:

  • to prevent the product drying out
  • to extend the shelf life of the product
  • to make the product more attractive through the gloss it provides

We have several variants:

  • Paletta & Paletta Extra
  • Paletta Luxury
  • Paletta ColdJel

The Palleta range has a quick setting, excellent sliceability, natural taste, is freeze/thaw stable, stands fruity acids, is re-heatable and available in different flavours like Neutral, Apricot and Strawberry.