A range of different coatings and icings for different purposes is available:

Dip (Fat based icing/coating):
Delicious cream, lovely frosting, colourful coating and nice decoration.
Our dip coatings offer an easy way to bring colour into your assortment and is ideal to make variations, so that you can get creative.
Dip is often used to dip baked goods in, including Donut and muffins or cupcakes.
Did you know that it is uniquely non-stick? This makes Dip very suitable for shrink-wrapping, since it does not melt once it’s been applied. Dip easily affixes to the product and is also very well sliceable.
Dipped products can also be frozen: when defrosting, the Dip remains intact and does not dissolve.
We offer this Dip in several tastes. We also have Dip Neutral: a soft, sweet coating which suits almost everything.
Variation and colour can be achieved by using the different tastes.

Roll Decor Icing (Sugar based roll coating):
Neutral royal icing for covering all types of pastry products.