Our Bread Improvers

  • BakeStar, 0.3% dosage based on flour
    • Improves volume, initial softness, crust colour, dough tolerance to overmixing.
  • BakeStar-10, 0.02% dosage based on the flour (this is 10 gram per 50kg flour)
    • Very economic, improves volume, initial softness, crust colour, dough tolerance to overmixing.
    • BakeStar-10 is 100% ENZYME based and qualifies therefore for a Green Label!!
  • Extend R50, 0.01% based on flour (This is 5 gram per 50 kg flour)
    • Crumb Softness Extension up to 8 – 9 days.
    • Works very well in combination with bakeStar and BakeStar-10
    • Extend R50 is 100% ENZYME based and qualifies therefor for a Green Label!!!
  • GR Improver, 0.3% based on flour
    • Improves Softness, Volume, Ascorbic Acid reduction, dough tolerance against overmixing.
  • EXS-B Improver, 0.8 -1% based on flour.
    • Softness shelf life extension up to 8 – 9 days. Ideal for pan breads, Buns and other bread variety. Complete solution

Other Improvers available for the following products:

  • Doughnuts
  • Ciabatta
  • Crusty bread and rolls
  • Rye
  • Soft rolls
  • Sweet and fruit breads

Instant Yeast is a form of yeast in which the yeast cells are dehydrated into granules. The yeast remains dormant in this dry format, and activated when in contact with moisture during mixing. Instant Yeast is suitable for bakeries where refrigeration is a challenge.
The shelf life of an unopened package is 24 months.

In addition to the gluten found in grains, gluten can also be added as a separate ingredient in its own right.
This product is made from washing the starch out of a flour slurry.
This additional Gluten is used in the bread industry to supplement the gluten proteins already naturally present in flour and subsequent dough. To the baker gluten adds valuable properties:

  • increased dough strength
  • better gas retention and elasticity, which gives products good structure and uniform shape to bread
  • better water absorption and retention, improving yield, product softness and extending shelf life of bread
  • enhanced flavour

We offer a wide range of bread mixes with variety in textures, flavours and level of convenience.
The bread mixes make it easy for the baker to meet the increasing demand for new products meeting consumer trends.
Every mix makes a number of products variations possible. This results in a greater efficiency and convenience in production planning, purchasing and stock management.
We supply bread mixes varying from 10 to 35 percent.
All basic ingredients are carefully coordinated with each other. generally speaking: flour, yeast, water and sometimes improver are the only things one has to add. Seeds are already incorporated into the mixes too.