Our Cake Gel is a ready-to-use emulsifier in paste form.
Cake Gel eases and speeds up your cake production and gives your cakes a good volume and a fine, light and yet not dry texture. Therefore, our Cake Gel is the ideal help in all-in mixing for Swiss rolls, bar cakes, Genoise and sponge cakes. Cake Gel also enhances the freshness of the finished product. When prepared and packed well, the cake products will retain their quality and therefore their sales value for longer time.
Perfect tolerance and consistence
The unique blend of emulsifiers in Quick gives many advantages, both in the production process and the physical properties of the end product. Cake Gel gives additional tolerance in delays in processing, different mixing conditions and various types of mixers. All ingredients can be mixed in one go. After whipping the batter has perfect stability and high processing tolerance. Crumb structure and softness can be tailored to preference of the individual baker.