(Brief statement of the core functions of the role)
The Bakery Section Head is responsible and accountable for the management, production, sales turnover and smooth running of our Bakery Section within the limits of requirements, set targets and timelines.


(Detailed definition of key functions)

  • Direct manages bakery staff under HR and shop manager
  • Support and other bakers in all duties.
  • Ensure great customer service from entire team
  • Create schedules and coverage of all duties.
  • In liason with branch manager and head office Create weekly and seasonal specials and promotions.
  • Review and ensure bakery station efficiency. Maintain hard copy records of all recipes and training materials.
  • Lead and inspire staff to perform to the best of their ability.
  • Examine sales report and forecasts and ensure entire team works towards achieving targets
  • Maintain clean, safe, supportive, and positive work environment.
  • Follow up and ensure Update Point of Sale computer items and prices as needed.
  • Monitor and control food and packaging waste.
  • Monitor employee meal protocol.
  • Maintain respectful and professional courtesy and appearance.
  • Order ingrdients, paper and other supplies in an efficient manner for business needs.
  • Maintain safe storage and rotation of all perishable goods and dry inventory.
  • Resolve and document minor staff issues and communications.
  • Issue disciplinary documents with HR’s approval and review.
  • Maintain and review safe and clean operation of all baking and service equipment.
  • Monitor and execute all requests for specials orders.
  • Demonstrate proficient use of business software including Society’s Stores System, and Microsoft Office programs.
  • Respond to assist and support any routine inspections of work place by department officials County Department of Health, County Department of weights and measures, Department of fire).
  • In liaison with the staff, ensure that the highest hygiene standards are maintained in the work area
  • Any other duties deemed relevant by the management

Qualified candidates should STRICTLY fill in and submit relevant information using in this link . Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted